Automation in the Information Age is different.

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The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different This time

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  1. I hope one day you'll go back and do a follow up about how the learning algorithms are teaching AIs to reinforce human prejudices, or how they're so well trusted and highly prized that they never get truly questioned or tested.

  2. We need to make sure that police and military never see fully automated counterparts. Not because of the Matrix or whatever, but because the violence that maintains societal order needs to remain decentralized. Human soldiers can refuse orders that are evil. Robot fighters would just enforce the will of whoever owns them.

  3. And a huge part of the problem is that no one is being compensated when their data is harvested and used to train these machines. Not only are they winner-take-all markets, but they dividends of that productivity, due to the way our laws are structures, go to a handful of people, even when that productivity was obtained through the contributions of many.

  4. Yes the future will bring robot Ai and Etc. I'm content with that but the same sense there should be a bill passed that keeps humans as workers like a percentage that is required by law. I know people are going to be like this business will lose money Etc Etc. But if everybody has to play by the same rule then it might balance out. I need hell we all seen Terminator and AI movies. That's not be stupid now

  5. We've had automation for CENTURIES and the unemployment is at 3.8% , that's WITH UNSUSTAINABLE IMMIGRATION , we're flooding America with mexicans and yet our unemployment is 3.8% , where are all the unemployed people ?
    Ea , they're getting new jobs , creative jobs , jobs that COULDN'T exist before because all folks were in the factories and offices but now they are available labor .
    And this whole "If robs do all the jerbs then where me money at ?" is retarded . If robs do all the jobs then NO ONE GETS PAID , THERE IS NO LABOR COST and THUS everything is FREE , you can sit with yo thumb up yo ass n fart all day while the robs do everythin , you don't need money , just order food n they give you free food or m4s n shit

  6. Me:What if Robots got like possesesd by virus and got controlled….

    Also me:What viruses dont have brains well aight imma head ou- Robot Bangs my head with a metal baseball bat

  7. Someone: Tries To make a bird character
    Kurzgesagt:Nope someone already did that
    Also Someone: Makes another One
    Kurzgesact:Nope Someone already did that also

    5 hours later

    Someone Again Again Again again: Ok this is the 86th one i hope this works

    Kurzgesact:Nope someone also already did that

    Someone: Aight imma head out

  8. We wouldn't have to worry about jobs if we abandon capitalist views. What need for a job when everything can be provided by machines?

  9. Ok, what I'm about to explain is an extremely utopian scenario. If machines will develop so much to take 100% of our jobs, in any aspect of life, and those machines are designed and constructed by other machines with raw materials digged by other machines and the energy to run those machines is provided by others and so on… really everything is automatic, then our economy and money would be completely worthless, because literally everything is done by machines, which don't need money to perform their job, so in this absurd future everybody could buy a Ferrari or a mansion or travel around the world… without spending a single cent, because everything is provided by machines and not humans (who need to be paid). If we see it this way it doesn't sound so bad after all (except for the absurdity of actually achieving this kind of society).

  10. We always speak of this as if it's some autonomous machine doing this but it isn't we are the ones doing this to ourselves

  11. Humans are is are an animal that drives by meaning. I bet 20$ on political collapse, common my offspring need meaning in there lives

  12. Wow. Either you guys really fell for the lie or you are purposefully lying yourselves in order to push socialism. We aren’t losing jobs, they are fracturing into individualism again. If you are an entrepreneur you have nothing to fear about innovation. You focus on the biggest businesses shrinking in size but fail to mention that where there is one comparable business in the past there are multiple today (e.g. blockbuster to amazon prime, Netflix, Hulu, and redbox) you are also ignoring the fact that machines can only ever do pre programmed tasks meaning every job that requires creating or discovering something entirely new will always be done by humans

  13. We gather data about everything…
    …Spiritual data? You missed spiritual data.
    You know. That thing the invisable-hand doesn't want us to recconect with. 🙂


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