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Mike Tyson is one of the most gifted boxers in history and perhaps the most talented heavyweight. The potential of the Iron Mike was so great that he could dominate the ring for many years, but despite all brutality and aggressiveness that he displayed he was a person who needed very delicate psychological support. When Cus d’Amato and later Kevin Rooney were beside him, Mike was a real machine of knockouts. Mike Tyson of that period is that very Tyson that we know and love. His professional career started in march 1985. By the end of the year Tyson fought 15 times and won in each of them by KO or TKO. Back then it was already obvious that in the nearest future fans would be able to witness something special…

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  1. Thanks for paying tribute to the iron man. I even got to see some of Tyson's punch outs I never had the privilege to see. Much gratitude

  2. There are 2 certain ways of making sure MT destroys you: a) bad mouth Ali b) say something disrespectful about his character….

  3. For anyone who reads this about Mike Tyson vs Douglas fight. That fight was rigged for him to lose. Even Mike knew it after not having a cut man and the usual preparation in his corner for every fight. One of the biggest fights of his life. They some how forgot to have everything needed during a fight. From that moment on Mike knew he was going to lose. Between that and the count after knocking douglas out. Like mike said, it went past a 10 count. Until this day, that one fight hunts him because of how it played out. Don king, the most disgusting human being on earth help take Tyson out.

  4. Loved watching Tyson fight. Every punch was thrown with bad intentions, every punch was thrown to hurt and destroy no matter who was standing in front of him. When Cus died, Mike lost his way out of the ring and was never the same fighter. In his prime no man would've beat him. He had knockout power in both hands. Wilder has nowhere near the speed or power that Mike possessed. Iron Mike of yesteryear would absolutely demolish the heavyweights of today

  5. Mike Tyson is a warrior within a warrior.

    Cuss created the most ferocious beast "Iron Mike" a man so hell bent on destruction he tried to destroy himself. Then you have Michael Gerard Tyson the shy, weak kid from the streets who was a follower, both trapped in the same orifice. After years and years of distress Gerard found a way break down and destroy the beast Iron Mike from the inside out. Trapped within, Gerard learned from his inner oppressor and used that same determination, vigor and resilience to strengthen and prepare himself for the ultimate war. Now iron mike is no more.

    Would the real Michael Gerard Tyson please stand the f***k up.

    #RIP Iron Mike


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