Chung-ha (김청하) – Gotta Go + Snapping
191126 FPT Truyền Hình 2019 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS – AAA 2019
Live Performance

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FPT Truyền Hình

FPT Internet


  1. after seeing her live, I have to say tv doesn't do her justice. her charisma and power are 10000x stronger when you see her on stage and it fills the entire stadium

  2. there's no resemblance between the produce 101 chungha and this face now. Her face doesn't even move now. Its scary. she should not go under the knife anymore its so evident. She starts looking like park bom now.

  3. 미모보소 ㅋㅋ 목소리 진짜 너무 듣기좋음
    청하를 빨리 실물한번 봐야돼는데 한이다 한 ㅠㅜ 진심으로 너무 좋아해요 청하♡

  4. do anyone know why there’s like no reaction videos to performances at all lol? like was it not allowed or could the artists not see her?

  5. Chungha looks amazing but but her company should’ve brought the guy dancer too so the stage is actually the ways it’s suppose to be


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