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K/DA – POP/STARS (ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Music Video – League of Legends

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  1. you need to react to True Damage – GIANTS 😀 its their latest song and you gonna feel it 100% especially the rap parts 😀

  2. K/DA stands for Kills Deaths and Assists ratio. Its basically a number that players to judge how well they are doing in a match. This applies to league of legends and other competitive games. Also, the animation team studied thousands of K- Pop videos to get this right, and they got it on the mark and then some.

  3. Imma be honest, I never heard this song and saw the title and thought to my self, "I'm going to hate that". Then as soon as the song started I was digging the shit. Then you paused and said the same thing.

  4. You should react to the live performance of this song at the League fo Legends World Championship.
    Also, check "Awaken" cinematic/song. Greatest shit ever.

  5. the rapper is the same as in true damage (the Korean one) she is named Jeon Soyeon and the other Korean in the video (the girl with the tails) is named Miyeon they are both in the Kpop group (G)I-dle, check them out for videos their latest is Lion, Soyeon is the blond one and Miyeon starts the first chorus 🙂
    Other than that for just rapping, check the 5 best rap flows of Jeon Soyeon, starts with a battle rap (that she slays), and then some live perfomances and some tracks 🙂 worth a watch, best with a cultural primer (will gladly give a short one) for the rap battle 🙂

  6. I agree with most in here, I would watch Rise. Also, if you liked this song, check out the live performance of it. They opened Worlds in 2018, so you get to put faces to the voices. Good job my man!

  7. This is why riot is the best video game company. They make money, then they spend it on cool shit for people to enjoy. Ea/Activision needs to take notes.

  8. KDA = Kill's Death's Assist's… It's thought to be the main 3 stats that are most important in many many video games when judging someones skill/performance. Players in a competitive game might ask you if you play the same game something like…. " Yo, what is your KDA?" Before I get flamed in the comments I will also state that it also does and will stand for " Kill and Death Average " so in a game like Call of Duty your score could be something like 12 Kill's 5 Death's giving you a KDA of 2.4. In these types of games you always want to aim for a KDA of 1.0 or higher or its considered a " bad game ".


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