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Happy Thanksgiving! Today I want to share with you guys 7 products that I’m grateful for because they totally changed my skincare game! So let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn all about those game changing K-beauty products!

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*^Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion

^Solved Coconut Cleansing Pads

*^Olivarrier Wash All Barrier Relief

*^Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing Oil

*Face Shop Rice Bright Cleansing Oil Light

*Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser

Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser
Krave Beauty
Beauty Box Korea (international)

*Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

^Solved Coconut Cleansing Foam

*^By Wishtrend Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash

^Stratia Velvet Cleansing Milk
Stratia Skin

*Nexcare Acne Dressing

*By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch

*^Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

*Benton Snail Bee Essence

*Benton Snail Bee Skin

*Benton Snail Bee Lotion

*Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream

*Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence


*Shiseido Senka Anti-aging Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++

Stratia Liquid Gold
Stratia Skin

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  1. Hey Kelly, you should do a Holy Grail products video. Like pick one or two of your holy grail products for each category for skincare 😁.

  2. 1. Rosehip seed oil
    2. Ren lactic acid peel
    3. Jojoba oil as first step cleanser
    4. Silk pillow case
    5. RAW HONEY MASKS (just honey but sometimes mixed with clay or matcha powder)

  3. My unexpected game changer was the Neogen Real Cica Pads!

    Initially didn’t have any high expectations for these, but they ended up being my closest thing to a “HG” and were/are SUCH a gentle and hydrating form of PHA exfoliation for my sensitive skin, especially when my barrier was weakened and it was the only exfoliation I could handle. Still using them to this day and never want to run out! 🙂

  4. Hi Kelly, I like your natural look of makeup. Would you like to share what brand of foundation are you using on your face?

  5. My total game changer was finding your channel. I had no idea I had been suffering from a weak/damaged moisture barrier until I landed on your moisture barrier playlist and was holy sh** that's me!! 😲

    With your recommendations my skin it starting to feel more hydrated and no longer wear foundation (just concealer and mascara). I still have some pigmentation but my skin is glowing ✨✨. I can't thank Thank you and your channel enough 🥰

  6. I think a game changer for me was toners and essences and seeing a difference in my skin. The whamisa deep rich flower toner has been one of the game changers for me

  7. Could you review Bonajour's Green tea Toner and their Green Tea Water Bomb? I have been eyeing these 2 for a while now. Plus they don't contain fragrance nor essential oils from taking a glance at the ingredients list.

  8. Great products:) I’ve been wondering about the Benton Snail Bee Lotion. Is the texture/viscosity similar to Laneige’s Cream Skin?
    As for me, one of the biggest game changers has been Curology for anti-aging purposes. What % of Tretinoin are you on? I’m on .05 and am thinking of bumping it up.
    Thanks for the info, and Happy Thanksgiving🍂🍂

  9. Klairs midnight blue calming cream. 100% pure vitamin pm serum. Cosrx low ph good morning cleanser. Iunik centella calming gel. Cosrx galactomyces essence. And the ordinary niacinamide with zinc. Game changers for me.

  10. I can’t live without pimple patches!!! I wish I knew about them 5-6 years ago when my acne was the worst 😭😭 I still deal with acne now, I could finish cosrx patches in a week LOL. So I definitely need to buy the bandages at the drugstores to save me some $$ 😂

    Happy thanksgiving Kelly 💕

  11. Hi Kelly! I just discovered your channel and I’m SO GLAD I did. I’m new to the K-beauty game, but I can tell you already that I’m never turning back to western skincare. It all started for me when I turned 30 and developed bad rosacea on my cheeks as well as VERY dry skin. I tried everything, no results. Fast forward 7 years and I discovered a Reddit thread about rosacea. Everyone was recommending Korean skincare products. I did a bit of research and made my first Yesstyle order. I’m hooked.

    I’m going to use your coupon code to make another large purchase today and pick up some of the products you recommended in this video and the video about specific products for different skin types. Thank you so much for your videos. I’m so grateful. Keep up the amazing work and happy thanksgiving!

  12. Kelly, I've been trying to find cruelty free Asian beauty products and it's honestly not the easiest – I was happy to find that Cosrx is a beloved CF brand, (along with US brand Stratia) – would you consider doing a video on CF K-beauty products?

  13. Would you considering making a rosacea/rosacea-acne based skincare video? I've noticed that I deal with a weak moisture barrier much more frequently than normal and finding chemical exfoliates that don't irritate my skin a genuine struggle. I've been doing my own research, but it would be amazing if you find info I'm lacking. I'll appreciate any helpful tips and recommendations! 💘

  14. Hi Kelly! I love you video’s and I am learning so much from you! I have a question about exfoliation. Can I use lactic acid while healing my skinbarrier? Because I heard that lactic acid is also moisturizing for the skin. Thankyou! 🥰

  15. Have you ever tried Paula’s Choice? If not, would you consider trying them out? Even though they’re a western brand, I think their philosophy on skincare is similar to many kbeauty brands.

  16. I'm confused Kelly, the thumbnail says K-beauty products but it's not. It's all K-Skin care.
    Also, I'm sorry to mention this, but it isn't "choke choke" its "chok chok", pronouced 'chock'.
    Can you, maybe, do an actual K-Beauty vid? ❤❤

  17. Vitamin C from the Ordinary, Retinol, double cleansing, Korean and Japanese toners, serums, chemical exfoliation and a heck of a lot of moisturizing and wearing sunscreen each and every day has taken years off of my skin (I'm 55). Korean and Japanese products are miracle workers!

  18. Omg I totally NEVER wore spf up until a few years ago! Honestly I never knew the diff between chemical & physical and I used to always break out with spf so I just assumed that all spf was not good for my skin. 😱 I hate that I though that way but I know better now. I also LOVE pimple patches because it’s the only thing that has helped my pimple because I used to pick everything sadly. I have many scars from picking and it bothers me but my skin is so much better now and it’s a fight to keep up with it but snail mucin and Startia liquid gold and Krave Beauty GBR are included in my evening/night routine everyday! Thank you for always sharing good products and your knowledge Kelly. I’m still struggling with cleansers because my skin is so sensitive that very few cleansers don’t make me feel dry but I do use many of the ones you mentioned. ❤️❤️❤️

  19. You are my Dr. Dray for Korean skincare 🤗 Your videos are so informative and because of you I have my first K skincare wish list ready to give my boyfriend for Christmas! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Hi! what is the difference between the cera ve moisturizing cream and the ilyoon concentrate ato cream in terms of best ingredients for barrier repairing? and which of the two is better for acne prone dehydrated combo skin? I know cera ve has three different ceramides, while the ilyoon only has ceramide np. does the ilyoon only having ceramide np matter?

  21. Double cleansing is a must! I always use a cleansing oil as step one and then a foam cleanser as step 2. I love the Hada labo oil cleanser best, and the Sana Nameraka and Biore foam cleansers. I've used the Face Shop oil cleanser and their foam one before, but I prefer their foaming one

  22. I'm curious, which product would you recommend for those with active acne with a weak barrier? The Stratia liquid gold or Krave Great Barrier Relief?


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