Japan idol – Eimi Fukada – Japanアイドル-深田えいみ


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Japan idol – Eimi Fukada – Japanアイドル-深田えいみ
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Hello friends!
In this video I would like to introduce to you a Japanese idol that is actress Eimi Fukada.

Eimi Fukada was born on March 18, 1998 in the Japanese chokigi, she is a former idol, AV actress and an entrepreneur.
Since 2016, she has been active as a member of the idol group “B Girl Warrior Go-Fighter”. But the group is only active for 3 months after its establishment and then suspended. She then performed nudity in the February 20, 2017 issue of “Weekly Mass”, as well as modeling and a reporter for “Kingdom Ranking” (TBS).
In February 2017, she debuted AV as an exclusive actress from SOD’s “Youth Period” label.
In May 2017, she became an exclusive actress after completing her exclusive career. She then entered her half-year period of rest, during which time she underwent plastic surgery and breast augmentation.
In November 2018, she made her public debut as “Fukada Eimi”. It was chosen as the cover for the April issue of “Monthly FANZA” with an unprecedented speed when joining a single project.
In February 2020, she won the Best Actress Award “Erodemy Award 2020” by Playboy AV Writer magazine awarded weekly. Earning 1st place in the joint actress section of “This AV actress is awesome! Winter 2020” was announced in the April issue of “Monthly FANZA” that year.
In July 2020, she was appointed together with Shouko Takahashi and Tsumugi Akari as the fourth Iberto Girl.
She admits that she often feels aroused when men react to her aggression, so she often prefers to be active in relationships rather than dependence on men.
Hidemi Fukada has a special love for glasses, she has such a large collection of glasses that the audience thinks that she appears 70% wearing glasses.
AV writer Katsutoshi Dongfeng described Eimi Fukada’s beauty as “a beauty like a Korean idol”.
The number of Twitter followers has risen to 300,000 (as of September 2019) since the photos went viral of popular models thanks to Korean-style makeup. “God Blow”, rolled up with or without special skills, fingerprinting, M-shaped cowgirl dance.
On Twitter, the school suddenly replied that her own tweet was changed to Okiri, and she started calling herself “Ohiki’s sister”.
Besides the stage name Hidemi Fukada, Eimi Fukada also has other nicknames as sona, amami heart.
Eimi Fukada 158cm tall, weighing 49kg, body measurements respectively 88cm bust, 63cm waist, 92cm buttock.
Above are some basic information about Eimi Fukada, if you have any comments please feel free to leave your comments.
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