Final Space belongs to TBS and Olan Rogers.

I wonder how long it’ll take for them to kill him off again? In any case, it’s good to see things finally go right for a change, compared to the previous season’s finale.

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  1. 14 years old "cat" and the fandom is already making him gay? i can already hear the "it's a thing, go with it", don't tell me

  2. Lol Dude it’s revealed that Gary is bi and Avocado is gay and I can’t Fucking wait for them to talk to Avocado like they are both his Dad Fuck yeah!!! ❤️

  3. Could you upload the part where Bolo says "Gary go" and then they fly while Bolo is running up before he says the aracnatics

  4. I remember one guy saying how they need to have a scene where they argue like mufasa and sarabi:

    "Your son is awake"

    "He's your son until sunrise"

    I think he's onto something.

  5. Now, when this is over, those two (if they are still alive) will have to give little cato the best hug in his life.
    PS: please dont die again 😢

  6. Si pequeño cato llega a la gritar papá! Y ambos lo escuchan tremenda confución para saber a cual se dirige.😐😑😐


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