Dоwnlоad –

Download hack, drop on desktop and install
Run the game
Run the hack as admin
Press “Insert” to open hack menu

– Aimbot
– Speedhack (Adjustable)
– Teleport to nearest Player
– Ghost Mode ( NoClip + FlyHack + GodMode)
– Instant Healing

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CrossFire is a F2P (free to play) FPS (first-person shooter) in which you can compete online against millions of other players around the world. Gameplay in CrossFire is very similar to that in the classic game Counter Strike. This time around, there are two different bands of mercenaries, Black List and Global Risk, head-to-head in a conflict affecting the entire world. You, of course, must align yourself with one or the other. Like other online shooting games, CrossFire has various different playing modes – more than a dozen in all.

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  1. good work bro, i believe that your channel is one of the best on youtube with working scripts and cheats, sry for english, hello from russia wirth love


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